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TİMTAŞ One of the oldest spices of the world, the bay leaf is processed to meet the highest standard of modern times.

A purchasing policy and quality control standard and constant worker evaluation as well as rigid adherence to customer specifications, have made us a renowned supplier of hand-selected leaves the world over for more than four decades.

We supply bay leaves of all grades such as ground, cut and sifted leaves packed in standard bales to various sized
hand-selected grades packed in carton boxes.

Our oregano, sage, thyme, linden, cumin, aniseed, poppy seeds and fennel are produced with the same care to meet the highest hygienic standard as well as client specifications with respect to cleanliness, volatile oils etc...

Bay Leaves

Lauraceae - Laurel Family

Lauris nobilis : The bay leaf is a native of all countries around the Mediterranean. It grows as a large evergreen tree up to thirty feet high. The leaves were worn as wreaths by the poets and scholars of ancient times, and our word "Baccalaureate" meaning "laurel berries" may be identified with those wreaths.

Bay leaves add a distinctive flavor to soups, casseroles, pickles and most seafood dishes.


Oreganum onites, a widely cultivated variety, is purchased and dried in our fields under our own supervision to prevent any type of contamination. We process to meet the highest hygenic standard and other parameters such as granulation required by our customers.

Poppy Seeds Fennel