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Matured with the ample sunlight, water and rich soil of the Aegean, the world's finest figs, originating from Turkey are naturally dried and ground into a delectable paste.

Following the removal of the stems and the crushing of the seeds, the paste is painstakingly checked at each and every stage of production for taste, texture and consistency so as to meet international quality standard.

Contemporary trends and a heightened consciousness of healthier diets oblige chiefs to make more creative use of fruits mixed with other ingredients. The wealth of vitamins and minerals in the fruit contribute to their popularity hence making them items belonging to the realm of haute cuisine.

As a valuable natural ingredient, they draw the attention of various industries such as biscuit, fruit bars, ice cream and sauce manufacturers.

As a producer with a reputation for reliability and precision, we have been around for 40 years as a leading specialized manufacturer of fig paste. Our outstanding quality is achieved by the use of latest machinery in food processing technologies. We ensure physical. chemical and biological parameters at all stages.

Raisin and apricot paste are processed with the same spirit and care. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, they are natural products with high sugar content, hence stable and easy to handle.

Ficus Carica - Figs

Anatolia is the motherland of figs. Herodotus in 484 B.C. mentions that figs are as old as human culture. The fig is the first fruit mentioned in the Bible, in genesis 3, 7.